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Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone else apply for a visa on behalf of another?
Yes, provided that, all the requirements are completed and the application form is duly filled in and properly signed.

Can someone else collect the visa/passport on another’s behalf?
Yes, as long as he/she will bring the collection number and/or letter of authority to pick up with identification card.

On the Visa application form, what is the reference in Tanzania?
Name, address and phone number of your contact person in Tanzania, if you don’t have contact person, the name, address and phone number of hotel/accommodation while in Tanzania.

Can someone get a visa upon arrival?
It is not guaranteed, it is strongly advised to apply for a visa at the Embassy of Tanzania in Washington DC.

When will be the start date of the visa and What are the Maximum days of stay in Tanzania?
All Visas are valid from the date issued. 90 days from the date of entry/arrival.

In Visa application form, what do you mean by saying “Means of Financial Support”?
It means, the sponsor of your trip (company, organization, employer, family or self-support).

To whom should the cheque be made out to? Or payable to?
Embassy of Tanzania, Washington DC

What form of payments are accepted?
  • Credit card
  • Check( all checks must be accompanied by a copy of a valid driver’s license)
  • Money order
  • NB: Payment with CASH is NOT accepted.

Can one take a pet to Tanzania?
YES, but the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Provide a certificate from the US veterinary doctor that the animal is free from the diseases.
  • Provide an import permit for the pet from the Tanzania Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries development. They can be reached through the following contact address:

Ministry of livestock and fisheries Development
P .O.BOX 9152
Email: Email-ps-mlfd@mlfd.go.tz
You need to have a host in Tanzania to help you get it

Is Yellow fever vaccination (Y.F.V.) necessary?
It is not compulsory, if you are traveling straight to Tanzania from U.S or just connecting flights from any airports in the World. (If you are entering Tanzania through other Countries, please refer to the visa section of our website for more information).

Can a Visa allow me to work in Tanzania?
No, a visa grants you permission to land into the country and NOT permission to work.

What is the requirement for a volunteer to undertake his/her duties?
Volunteers must have authorization to volunteer from the Immigration offices in their respective local areas or Immigration Head Office.

Can I get a CTA permit at the boarder?
The permission to undertake temporary assignment/work, for short period less than 90 days or volunteering (CTA) is normally given at the Immigration Local Offices and NOT at the point of entry or border.

Does the Tanzania Embassy issue immunization waiver?
No. However we recommend that you carry your physician’s note for immunization waiver and submit it to the Health Officers at the point of entry.
Standard Practice requires that, all matters relating to immunization, waiver and its control need to be decided upon by the Health Officers at respective entry point or boarder.

Can I apply for a Visa upon arrival?
Yes. Tourists/ Visitors may obtain their visas upon arrival at any entry point in Tanzania, but it is HIGHLY recommended that one secures the visa before traveling to Tanzania.

For those who require Police Clearance Certificates regarding ‘Criminal Records’, you are kindly advised to note that this Embassy does not issue Police Clearance Certificates.

You are therefore advised to proceed as follows:
(a) Get your local police to fingerprint you and send your fingerprints to the following address:-

Criminal Investigation Department Forensic Bureau
P.O.Box 9094
Dar es Salaam
Tel: +255 22 2110006
Fax: +255 22 2118223

(b) Attach US Dollars 25 to your letter forwarding the fingerprints which must provide details of the place you last resided while in Tanzania showing name of district, name of town, street name (if available) and house number.

(c) Please note:- Don’t forget to send your recent contact details. If you are required to have the police certificate authenticated you should send it with prepaid postage or bring it personally to the Embassy. The Embassy will in turn seek a formal verification from concerned authorities in Tanzania. It may take 2 to 3 working days or even a week, depending on the response from the authorities in Tanzania. You would also be charged a fee of $40. (See also “Authentication Section”).

Please note that the Embassy does not process any applications for Birth Certificates.

You are therefore advised to:
(a) Go to the following website, http://www.rita.go.tz for information on how to apply, or contact:

Administrator General
Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency
P.O.Box 9183
Dar es Salaam
Tel No: +255 22 2153069
Fax No: +255 22 2153075

For those who were born in Zanzibar, please contact:

Office of the Registrar General
P.O.Box 260
Tel: +255 24 2236324
Fax: +255 24 2236325
Email: Primary Email or Secondary Email


The Embassy will authenticate documents for a fee of $40 per page. However the Embassy is not liable with respect to any information contained in any document it authenticates. The authentication process takes 2 to 3 working days. In some circumstances the Embassy would be necessitated to issue a separate letter to authenticate the presented documents.

For those documents that are originated from United Republic of Tanzania, e.g. Police Clearance Certificate, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, court documents or documents from any legal registry, it may take a week to be authenticated because the documents have to be verified with the issuing authorities in Tanzania.