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Embassy of Tanzania, DC

Passport Information

Important Notice to the Tanzanians Living in the United States:

Kindly be informed that The Embassy will continue to issue the old passports which will be in use till 2020. However We wish to bring to your attention that these passports will no longer be valid come January 2020

Please be informed that Tanzania Passport application forms can be obtained at the Embassy of Tanzania in Washington DC and they are not available online.

All passport applicants must submit all required documents at the time of applying a passport. The following documentation must be submitted when applying for New Passport, Stolen/Lost Passport, or Emergency Travel Document:


Passport Application services: Monday to Thursday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Passport pickups: Monday to Thursday from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm and Friday from 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm.

Passport Application Services is by appointment.

New Passport (All Applicants must appear in person at the Tanzania Embassy for finger prints)


  • Original and Copy of the Old passport
  • Five (5) photos standard passport size with light blue background
  • Original and Copy of State issued ID like driver’s license, green card, etc.
  • Marriage certificate for married women
  • Original and Copy of the Birth certificate
  • Incase of changes on name(s), proof from the court is required
  • Fee is $50
  • Passport return fee by FedEx: $20

Stolen/Lost Passport


  • Police incident report
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Notarized information of lost passport
  • Letter stating reasons to apply for new passport
  • Original and Copy of State issued ID like driver’s license, green card, etc.
  • Original and Copy of Birth certificate
  • Five (5) passport photos with light blue background
  • Immigration file DN number
  • Fee is $100
  • Passport return fee by FedEx: $20

Emergency Travel Document


  • Three (3) passport size photos
  • Complete the Emergency Travel Document (ETD) application form (Click here for ETD form)
  • Original and Copy of Old Passport
  • Letter explaining reasons for applying for travel documentation
  • Copy of any U.S. ID card or documentation
  • Self-addressed return envelope or send FedEx fee of $20
  • If your old passport was stolen/lost, all procedures for stolen/lost passport are to be followed before applying for ETD application
  • You may be required for a telephonic interview, as determined by Consular Officer
  • Application Fee is $21

Children born in the United States

Tanzanian citizens living abroad, are advised to apply Tanzania passport for their children under 18 years who were born in the United States provided that ,at least one of the parent is still holding Tanzania citizenship.

The following documents must be submitted along with application form:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Birth certificate copy of one of the child’s parent who is a citizen of Tanzania
  • Tanzania passport copy of one of the child’s parent
  • Parental letter to request Tanzania passport for the child
  • Passport fee $50
  • Child must be at the Embassy for Fingerprints
Description of Service Fee Remarks
New generated machine readable passport $50 Payable in Cash or Money order
FedEx return envelope $20 Payable in Cash or Money order
Lost or Stolen Tanzania passport (1st time) $100 Payable in Cash or Money order
Lost or Stolen Tanzania passport (2nd time or more) $200 Payable in Cash or Money order
Visa for American Citizens $100 Multiple entry valid for 12 months
Visa for Other Nationalities $50 Single entry
Visa for travel document (holder, stateless person or any other person with refugee status) $50 $50.00 additional may be required as handling fees
Class A Residence Permit $1620 Applies to:

  • Investors
  • Businessmen
  • Consultancy
Class B Residence Permit $620 Applies to:

  • Expatriates
  • Other employees approved by the Commissioner of Labor
Dependant pass $120
Rush Visa Processing Fee $20 3 Workinq Days
Naturalization as Citizen of Tanzania $800 Applies to:

  • People who have been resident Tanzania of Tanzania for more than ten (10) years contributed toward Tanzanian economy or in terms of science and technology
  • Good character
  • Adequate knowledge of Kiswahili
Re-Entry Pass $20 Given to people already legal residents to enable them to re-enter Tanzania.
Legalization of companies’ / Documents $200 For each set of documents approved by the secretary of state
Authentication or verification of Individual Documents $20 Such as:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Driving license
  • School and college certificate
  • Passport
Carrying on Temporary Assignment (“CTA”) $100 Primary Authority Given to:

  • A prospective investors
  • Short-term business
  • Consultancy and other technical undertakings
Emergency travel document $21 Issued to citizens of Tanzania only