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Tanzanian Tourism Industry launches Travelers education portal to educate and provide information on the West Africa Ebola virus

Together, the Tanzanian Government and Tourism Private Sector associations, led by the Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT) are leading and launching an innovative campaign to educate and provide clear information related to the ongoing public concern due to the West African Ebola virus.

A website and social media campaign launched by Tanzania tourism stakeholders www.travel2tanzania.info is set to reach tourists, travel industry professionals in key markets. This site will provide specific steps and precautions that Tanzania is taking to remain Ebola Free. It would encourage potential travelers to visit the website to get continuous information and updates.

The program supported by Tanzanian Tourism Private and Public institutions including the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism, Tanzania National Parks Authorities (TANAPA), Zanzibar Commission of Tourism (ZCT), the Ministry of Health & Welfare and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, amongst other Tanzania PublicSector entities is aimed at providing information for travelers and potential travelers to Tanzania. The program initiative mirrors after a similar program launched earlier this month by The White House http://www.whitehouse.gov/ebola-response. This home grown initiative is committed to provide the public with timely, clear and accurate information related to the public risks posed by the Ebola virus.

The Tanzanian Tourism industry also engaged the services of Squire Patton Boggs a leading public policy and law firm to reach target audiences as well as to advise on a strategy aimed at educating the public on Tanzania, the numerous tourism opportunities it offers travelers, and accurate information about the current positive health picture for tourists in Tanzania.

Richard Rugimbana, Executive Secretary, Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT) stated “This initiative will provide accurate information for travelers to Tanzania and reinforce our nation’s long historical record of safe travel for tourists, the lack of Ebola outbreaks in Tanzania, and to provide a one stop shop for travelers to learn about travel to Tanzania and its many travel and tourist offerings.”

Mrs. Maimuna Tarishi, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism (MNRT) stated “Tanzania depends on a strong and vibrant tourism industry and we support this joint initiative as we develop a consumer information portal for travelers to Tanzania.”

Martin Cody, Four Seasons Safari Lodge, Serengeti, Lodge Manager and a member of the Hotels Association of Tanzania (HAT) stated “Educating the public about Tanzania and sharing with them travel tips, health and safety reminders and status on the current concerns arising on the other side of the African continent, miles away from East Africa, will only stimulate our growing tourism sector.”

Devota Mdachi, Ag. Managing Director, Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) stated “Once people are fully aware of the geographical distance of Tanzania from the outbreak in West Africa as well as up to date information on travelers health we are confident that our beloved tourists will continue to confidently enjoy our country’s many natural wonders.”

Tanzania is the first African nation to develop an initiative aimed at gaining consumer confidence as well as to provide information to travel professionals and directly to tourists focused on East Africa related to health and safety. The program will launch in mid-November and will incorporate social media and peer-to-peer elements aimed at increased unique visitor hits.

The tourism initiative will also provide tourists with key information on popular tourism locations such as Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti and the famous Ngorongoro Crater. As well as highlight Tanzania’s considerable ‘untapped’ tourist destinations in the South and West of Tanzania to name a few, the Selous Game Reserve the largest game reserve in the world; Gombe Stream National Park famous for chimpanzee conservation work with Jane Goodall; the Ruaha National Park famous for the largest herd of elephants and over 430 species of birds; Kitulo National Park affectionately known as the “Serengeti of Flowers” commonly referred to by the locals as the “Garden of God”.

About TCT

Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT) is the umbrella organization representing twelve (12) private business sector (Sub-Sector Associations) involved in travel and tourism industry in Tanzania. It is the voice of the tourism industry.

Members include: Hotels Association of Tanzania (HAT); Intra-African Travel and Tourism Association (ITTA); Tanzania Air Operators Association (TAOA); Tanzania Association of Cultural Tourism (TACTO); Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO), Tanzania Hunting Operators Association (THOA); Tanzania Professional Hunters Association (TPHA); Tanzania Society of Travel Agents (TASOTA); Tanzania Tour Guides Association (TTGA); Tourism Professional Hospitality Association of Tanzania (TPHAT); Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI) and Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators (ZATO).

TCT works to ensure that through representation at the national level, appropriate macro policies and strategies are adopted for developing and maintaining an environment in which international and domestic tourism will prosper and the business sector will be able to achieve successful growth and development while protecting Tanzania’s natural and cultural heritage.

About TTB

Tanzania Tourist Board is a government organization which was legally established by Tanzania Tourist Board act, CAP 364 of 1962 and amended by act by act No. 18 of 1992. TTB was formed after the disbandment of the Tanzania Tourist Corporation. The Board is mandated with promotion and development of all the aspects of tourism industry in Tanzania.


The Tanganyika National Parks Ordinance CAP [412] of 1959 established the organization now known as Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), and Serengeti became the first National Park. Conservation in Tanzania is governed by the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1974, which allows the Government to establish protected areas and outlines how these are to be organized and managed. National Parks represent the highest level of resource protection that can be provided. By February 2008, TANAPA had grown to 15 national parks, with plans to add 1 more in the near future, as well as to expand existing parks. Conservation of eco-systems in all areas designated as national parks is the core business of the organisation.

About Squire Patton Boggs

Squire Patton Boggs is one of the world’s strongest integrated legal practices. With 44 offices in 21 countries, the firm is renowned for its global influence, delivering comprehensive legal services across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. With expertise spanning all key sectors, the firm is also known for its preeminent public policy practice and deep- rooted relationships in Washington DC and Brussels. For more information, visit www.squirepattonboggs.com. For further information contact: Nicola Woodmass, Senior Media & Communications Manager

About NCAA

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority is an arm of the Tanzanian government, under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Ordinance of 1959 created the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) which was charged with ensuring multiple land use there to assist in conserving and developing its natural resources. The 1975 Ngorongoro Conservation Area Ordinance stipulates the objectives of the Authority as follows: the conservation and development of the NCA’s natural resources; the promotion of tourism; and the safeguarding and promotion of the interests of the Maasai.

About ZCT

Zanzibar Commission for Tourism (ZCT) was established in 1992 as a public institution. Later in 1996, it got legal support when the Tourism Promotion Act. No.9 was enacted. Under the Act the responsibility of the ZCT is explicitly shown as the promotion of Zanzibar as a tourist destination.

About TanTrade

The Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) was established by the Tanzania Trade Development Authority Act No. 4 of 2009. Her establishment followed a repeal of the Act of Parliament No 15 of 1973 that had established the Board of Internal Trade (BIT)and the Act of Parliament No. 5 of 1978 that had established the Board of External Trade (BET) and. TanTrade is mandated among other things is to implement the National Trade Policy, the National Export Development Strategy, the Trade Integration Strategy and the Agricultural Marketing Policy and other sectoral policies all which aim at developing and promoting Tanzania’s internal and external trade.

About TIC

The Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) was established in 1997 by the Tanzania Investment Act to be “the Primary Agency of the Government to coordinate, encourage, promote and facilitate investment in Tanzania and to advise the Government on investment policy and related matters.”

The agency deals with all enterprises whose minimum capital investment is not less than US $300,000 if foreign owned or US $ 100,000 if locally owned. Enterprises engaged in mining and petroleum shall follow the approval process contained in their respective laws. However, the agency shall assist all investors to obtain permits, authorization etc. required by other laws to set up and operate investments in Tanzania.

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