Updates Passport Regulations

Passport and Travel Documents

The following documentation must be submitted when applying for New Passport, Stolen/Lost Passport, Renewal and Extension of Passport or Emergency Travel Document:

New Passport:

Old passport attached with photocopy of pages 1-5, also last page with (DN) number.
Five (5) photos standard passport size with light blue background.
Photocopy of any U.s. Identification Card (1.D.) i.e., green card, work permit, driving license, state 1.D., college 1.D., etc.
Marriage certificate for married women.
Birth certificate for those who has.
Proof of any change of name by Deed Poll.
Finger prints must be taken at the Tanzania Embassy only.
Fee is $50.
Self-addressed returned envelope by FedEx or any other secured mail: Fee $20.


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